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Nunsplosion: Developing A Bad Habit
(An Introduction To Nunsploitation Cinema)
By: The Demon Deacon
There is no perverse pleasure sweeter to you malignant swine than the sin of carnal knowledge. As a man of the cloth, I abstain from the disgusting and unseemly ritual of punishing some little harlot with the massive and miraculous monk I keep hidden in my big black cassock. But, that doesn't mean I can't bring you the temptation. Just because we're on a diet doesn't mean we can't look at the menu! If you can resist the urges brought about in your earthly vessel while watching the following films, then the Lord is truly with you and the Father will spare you His divine rod of righteousness.
Nunsploitation is a subgenre of exploitation films that combine religious imagery with themes of sexploitation. Often, movies of this genre will feature elements typically used in horror films, like demonic posession, torture, and witchcraft. Sometimes, nunsploitation films will also contain themes of abuse, portraying the convent as a "women-in-prison" scenario. Whatever the approach, most Nunsploitation movies all follow this basic summary: Naughty Nuns In Peril. Much like drinking straight whiskey, naughty nuns are an acquired taste, and are intoxicating.
Orgies, torture, rape, and demonic possession are but a few of the litany of taboo subjects that the Nunsploitation subgenre exposes to its audience. If any of that (or the images here) are too much for you to handle, then I recommend closing this browser window. For those of you that have hair on your balls, though, the films on this list will delight you. That reminds me: pubic hair. The Italians, especially, love them some lady gardens in their movies. I was gonna just let you find out for yourself, but instead I'm offering fair warning: if you're scared of a little vagitation, or of a giant fur burger, then steer clear. The hair down there is not always short n' curly, if you know what I'm saying. Somebody call Danny Trejo, cuz you'll need a Machete to get through this much bush!
By and large, the Italians have created most of the true Nunsploitation films and are the standard-bearers of the genre. This makes sense, as their country houses the Vatican, so they know there's a built-in audience for dudes who like punishing nuns. In the late 70's, the Japanese jumped in with a wide variety of Pink Films that featured Catholic symbolism and nude nuns. Toei and Nikkatsu, two large Japanese studios, shifted to producing erotic films during this time and created not just all of the Japanese Nunsploitation featured below, but dozens of others that are difficult to access here in the U.S., due to their obscurity.
This is a difficulty faced by cult film explorers of any genre, and that's why I'm here to help. Below you'll find nearly 50 examples of the Nunsploitation genre, with some basic info, links to their IMDb pages, and a buying option. So, if you want to start or expand your collection, this will help. Also, here are some other search terms that will help you navigate foreign movie sites to find some more Nunsploitation and Sexploitation films. For more Italian films, search for titles with "Suor", "Satana", or "Monaca" in them. Keep in mind that these are normal words in Italian, so when searching for "Suor", you may find Killer Nun or you may find Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg. For more Japanese films, search first for "shudojo", which will typically bring up convent films. Then, look for broader sexploitation phrases like pink, pinky violence, pinku eiga, roman porno, or Nikkatsu. Now, here's our starter kit for Nunsploitation films:
PosterTitleYearDirectorMore InfoCountry

Black Narcissus

May as well start pissing people off early. This film follows five nuns on a journey to the Himalayas, where they hope to start a new convent. Shit gets dark and erotic, making it possibly the first Nunsploitation film!
1947Michael Powell, Emeric PressburgerIMDb

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Mother Joan Of The Angels
(aka Matka Joanna Od Aniolów, The Devil And The Nun, Joan Of The Angels?)
1961Jerzy Kawalerowicz


The Lady Of Monza
(aka La Monaca Di Monza, The Awful Story Of The Nun Of Monza)
1969Eriprando ViscontiIMDb

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The Decameron
(Il Decameron)

A collection of 9 stories from Giovanni Boccaccio's novel. It's an anthology film with plenty of odd comedy and nudity, with the second segment featuring Nunsploitation elements.
1971Pier Paolo PasoliniIMDb

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The Devils
(aka Ken Russell's Film Of The Devils, The Devils Of Loudun)
1971Ken RussellIMDb

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Don't Deliver Us From Evil
(aka Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal)

Two young girls go to a convent school where they have vowed to sin. A little bit Lolita, a little bit Nunsploitation.
1971Joel SeriaIMDb

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Our Lady Of Lust
( aka Cristiana Monaca Indemoniata: La Vocazione, Loves Of A Nymphomaniac)
1972Sergio BergonzelliIMDb

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Devils in The Convent
(aka The Countess Died Of Laughter, Knickers Ahoy, M’lady’s Court, Frau Wirtins Tolle Tochterlein)
1973Franz Antel

The Demons
(aka Les Demons, She-Demons, The Sex Demons)
1973Jesus Franco

The Nun And The Devil
(aka Le monache di Sant'Arcangelo, Innocents From Hell, Sisters Of Satan, The Nuns Of Saint Archangel)
1973Domenico Paolella

Story Of A Cloistered Nun
(aka Storia Di Una Monaca Di Clausura, Unholy Convent, Diary Of A Cloistered Nun)
1973Domenico Paolella


Flavia The Heretic
(aka Flavia, La Monaca Musulmana; Flavia The Rebel Nun; Flavia, Priestess Of Violence; The Muslim Nun, Flavia: Heretic Priestess)
1974Gianfranco Mingozzi


Sinful Nuns Of Saint Valentine
(aka Le Scomunicate Di San Valentino)
1974Sergio Grieco


School Of The Holy Beast
(aka Seiju Gakuen, Convent Of The Sacred Beast, Transgressor)
1974Noribumi Suzuki


Satanico Pandemonium
(aka La Sexorcista)
Gilberto Martinez Solares


(aka Alucarda, la hija de las tinieblas, Sisters Of Satan, Mark Of The Devil 3, Innocents From Hell)
1975Juan Lopez Moctezuma


Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession1976Masaru Konuma


Love Letters Of A Portuguese Nun
(aka Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne)
1977Jesus Franco


Sister Emanuelle
(aka Suor Emanuelle)
1977Giuseppi Vari


Behind The Convent Walls
(aka Interno Di Un Convent, Within A Cloister, Sex Life In A Convent)
1978Walerian Borowczyk


Sister Lucia's Dishonor
(aka Sins Of Sister Lucia, Shûdôjo Rushia: Kegasu)
1978Koyu Ohara


The Last House On The Beach
(aka La Settima Donna, Terror)

A mixture of Nunsploitation and rape-and-revenge film.
1978Franco Prosperi


They Call Her Cleopatra Wong
(aka Cleopatra Wong, Female Big Boss)
1978Bobby A. Suarez


Malabimba, The Malicious Whore
(aka Possession Of A Teenager)

1979Andrea Bianchi


Images In A Convent
(aka Immagini Di Un Convento)
1979Joe D'Amato


Killer Nun
(aka Suor Omicidi)
1979Giulio Berruti


Wet Rope Confession: Convent Story
(aka Shūdōjo: nure nawa zange, Wet & Rope)
1979Koyu Ohara


Nun Story: Frustration In Black
(aka Shûdôjo: Kokui no naka no uzuki)
1980Nobuaki Shirai

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The True Story Of The Nun Of Monza
(aka La vera storia della monaca di Monza)
1980Bruno Mattei


Ms. .45
(aka Angel Of Vengeance)

This classic and brutal Abel Ferrara urban masterpiece is part Death Wish, part rape-revenge film, with some Nunsploitation elements.
1981Abel Ferrara


Rope Of Hell: A Nun's Story
(aka Jigoku-nawa Shudojo, A Nun Of Hell Rope, Hell Road Woman)
1981Mamoru Watanabe

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The Other Hell
(aka Guardian Of Hell, L’altro Inferno, The Presence)
1981Bruno Mattei


Satan's Baby Doll
(aka La Bimba Di Satana, A Girl For Satan, Orgasmo Di Satana)
1982Mario Bianchi


Nun In Rope Hell
(aka Dan Oniroku: Shuudojo Nawa Jigoku)
1984Katsuhiko FujiiIMDb

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Convent Of Sinners
(aka La Monaca Del Peccato)
1986Joe D'Amato


(aka La Monaca Di Monza, Devils Of Monza)
1987Luciano OdorisioIMDb

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Dead Waters
(aka Dark Waters, Temnye Vody)
1993Mariano Baino


Big Tit Monastery
(aka Kyonyû shûdôin, Ultra Q-Cup 124 Centimeters Sister, Paizuri Shûdôin: Watashi O, Zange Shite)
1995Sachi Hamano

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Sacred Flesh2000Nigel Wingrove


The Convent
(aka Le Couvent)

Adrienne Barbeau, Coolio, and Bill Moseley co-star in this fantasy/comedy possession flick that takes place in an abandoned convent.
Mike Mendez


Run With Fear2005Lloyd A. SimandlIMDb

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Czech Republic

The Nun
(aka La Monja)
2005Luis de Madrid


The Three Trials2006Randy GreifIMDb

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Bad Habits2009Dominic Deacon


Nun Of That

This is an comedic tribute to exploitation films of the 70's, and it succeeds!
2009Richard Griffin


Mark Of The Whip 2

Teraz Films are makers of erotic horror and S&M videos. Mark Of The Whip 2 is a brutal revenge film with nunsploitation elements. It's predecessor, Mark Of The Whip, doesn't.
2010Roman NowickiIMDb

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Czech Republic

Nude Nuns With Big Guns2010Joseph Guzman


The Nun
(aka La Religieuse)

More a dramatic thriller than cheap sleaze, this film still fits the bill of Nunsploitation for its dark tones.
2013Guillaume NiclouxIMDb

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The Bible-thumping, nun-humping, sinister minister that swings with the sisters will be back with another sermon next month. Until then, contact him at cinemaniac@cinemania.co or hit us up on Twitter: @RealCinemania
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2016-03-25 13:08:16
A terrific list! I posted a story about all of the various genres of "exploitation", and this is the one that I said was too far over-the-top to include - but nothing is as comprehensive as your list - bravo!

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